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Turn on the news.  What do you see?  Violent Crimes!  Murder, Rape, Home invasions, Child Abductions, Carjacking, the list goes on and on.  Even scarier is the fact that these things are no longer confined to big cities. They happen everywhere. Big cities to small towns.  The fact of the matter is that we live in a world that is no longer a safe place to live.  We must be prepared so that we don’t become a victim.  Many people feel that if they get an alarm system for their home or if they buy a gun, that they are now safe.  Granted, both of those are excellent tools to have at your disposal but they are both flawed.  In today’s world, criminals are becoming much more sophisticated.  Many can disarm even the most advanced security system and that gun that you have won’t do any good if you don’t hear your attacker when he enters your home. Suppose that you are lucky enough to hear the intruder and you call the police.  Sadly, in almost all instances, the response time for the Police to arrive is too long. You could be seriously injured or possibly killed long before the police ever arrive. So how do you protect yourself?

In our opinion, there is NO BETTER option than having a trained Protection dog!!  Many people who own dogs feel that their family dog will protect them in times of danger.  Sadly, that is usually not the case.  They may bark (or not) but nearly all will eventually run away if the attacker engages them in a fight. You must remember that your family dog has not learned how to fight back if someone is striking them with a metal pipe or a baseball bat or any other kind of weapon that can cause them pain. Your dog may love you and it may do its best but ultimately it will flee from the fight.  ONLY a properly trained protection dog will stand its ground and defend its owners and its home from all threats.  Hopefully no one reading this will be put into any of the aforementioned situations but you certainly don’t want to be caught unprepared if it does happen. Unfortunately, you may not get a second chance. 


At Atlantic Coast K-9, we take Personal Protection VERY Seriously.  After all, your life may depend on it. We have 3 training levels that we offer depending on your needs and budget.

**** PLEASE NOTE that Level 3 is for Law Enforcement personnel only. Level 1 and Level 2 are for civilians.

LEVEL 1    ($3,500)

Level 1 Protection dogs are trained primarily to be used for In-Home protection. They are trained to search inside the home for intruders to include being on high alert for entry into the home by windows or doors. They are taught to bark on command or when they sense an imminent danger or threat. The primary task expected of a Level 1 dog is to do a Bark and Hold of the suspect while it’s owner is able to call for help and/or to get to a weapon to defend themselves. A Level 1 dog will bite on command but is not trained to be overly aggressive in the event that it has to “fight” with the suspect.

LEVEL 2     ($5,500)

Level 2 Protection dogs pick up where Level 1 dogs stop. These dogs are meant to respond with much more aggression and force when the situation presents itself. They will protect you both inside the home as well as outside the home and will fight with the attacker regardless of the weapons that the attacker uses. These dogs are literally fighting “machines” and are trained to win the fight and not back down. They are trained to search inside the home as well as the perimeter of the home and any outbuildings that surround the home. They are also trained to protect you on walks or when jogging and will protect any member of the family to include children.  They are also trained for any carjacking type of scenarios that may occur. These dogs are trained to not allow an attacker to escape and will chase the suspect down and bite and hold until commanded to release the bite.  They are also trained to guard a suspect while the suspect is being moved to another location and will immediately re-bite if the suspect tries to escape.

LEVEL 3     ($7,500)

Level 3 Protection dogs are strictly trained for Law Enforcement purposes only. They are trained to extreme levels of aggression and are not appropriate for use as family personal protection dogs. No Level 3 dogs will be trained for civilians. No exceptions!

**** PLEASE NOTE that not all dogs are appropriate for Personal Protection work and must have the proper Drive, Nerves, and Temperament to do this type of work. We can assess your dog (if you have one) to see if it would be appropriate or we can help you to select a dog from one of our many contacts that we have. Also, please be aware that we train our Protection dogs to also be very good family companions and very sociable when not working.  All Personal Protection dogs MUST first complete Advanced Obedience training with us before they can begin Protection training.